1) The Noun : Kinds of Nouns

2) Rules of singular and plural Nouns

3) Noun: Case and Gender

4) The Pronoun : Kinds of Pronouns

5) Rules of Pronoun

6) The Adjective : Kinds of Adjectives

7) Rules of Adjective

8) The Verb : Kinds of Verbs

9) Rules of Verb

10) The Adverb : Kinds of Adverbs

11) Rules of Adverbs

12) Rules of Prepositions

13) The Conjunction : Kinds of Conjunctions

14) Rules of Conjunctions

15) Question Tag Rules

16) Subject verb agreement.

17) Sentences with Common Errors - Part 1

18) Sentences with Common Errors - Part 2

19) Sentences with Common Errors - Part 3

20) Tenses

    a. Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense
    b. Past Simple(Indefinite) Tense
    c. Future Simple(Indefinite) Tense
    d. Present Continuous Tense
    e. Past Continuous Tense
    f. Future Continuous Tense
    g. Present Perfect Tense
    h. Past Perfect Tense
    i. Future Perfect Tense
    j. Present Perfect Continuous Tense 
    k. Past Perfect Continuous Tense 
    l. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

21) Use of Modal

22) Use of article

23) Direct and Indirect Narration

    a. Introduction

    b. Assertive Sentences 

    c. Interrogative Sentences

    d. Imperative Sentences

    e. Optative Sentences 

    f. Exclamatory Sentences

    g. Chart of changes in Indirect Speech

    h. Mixed Sentences and Dialogues

24) Active to Passive Voice           

    a. Tenses

    b. Interrogative Sentences

    c. Imperative Sentences

    d. Some special cases

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