Statement and Analysis Set for IBPS PO Mains Exam

 Direction (1-3): Read the following information and the sentences (A)(B)(C)(D)(E) and (F) given below it carefully and answer the questions.

Cash Transfers can plug PDS leakages. Study based on latest NSSO data. According to the study 46.7% of the gains, released through the PDS (Public Distribution System) did not reach the intended
beneficiaries. The paper makes a case for shifting the support to the poor from the highly subsidised price policy to Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) of cash transfers through the Jan Dhan Yojana dovetailed with Aadhar. The paper questions need for the PDS.

(A) Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) could result in savings of up to Rs. 33,087 crore annually in food subsidy bills.
(B) The major beneficiaries of the PDS are people from states having a smaller number of the poor.
(C) DBT is one of the best global practice which can reach the vulnerable segments of population.
(D) The better-than-normal efficiency of some states, reflected in the finding could be the result of state run food - based welfare schemes supplementing the central PDS.
(E) DBT Provides a better deal to consumer and not interface with markets of food.
(F) Making Aadhar card mandatory gives great pressure on that department which issues it.

1. Which of the following statements strengthen the given information regarding PDS?
1. Only (B)
2. Only (C)
3. Only (A)
4. Both (B) and (D)
5. Only (E)

2. Which of the following represents a effect of DBT?
1. Only (A)
2. Only (C)
3. Only (D)
4. Both (A) and (B)
5. None of these

3. The PDS operates through a network roughly 500,000 fair price shops across the country and is likely the largest and very useful public network of its type in the world-according to study.
Which of the given statements substantiates the study's comment?
1. Only (D)
2. Both (B) and (D)
3. Both (A) and (C)
4. Only (F)
5. Only (E)

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