Seating Arrangement Quiz With Detailed Solution –Part 2

 Four Boys Nishanth, Satheesh, Aravind and Prakash and Four girls Anitha, Nisha, Kamatchi and Kani are sitting around a circular table. 

1. Two girls and two boys are not facing the centre.

2. No three girls are sitting together

3. Aravind is second to the left of Nisha, who is not sitting next to Satheesh.

4. Anitha is third to the left of Kani and one of them is not facing the centre.

5. Nishanth is third to the right of Satheesh, who is facing the centre.

6. Kamatchi and Prakash are facing each other and both are not sitting next to Satheesh or Kani

1. Who among the following is sitting between Nishanth and Nisha?
A. Satheesh
B. Anitha
C. Kani
D. None
E. None of these

2. Who is sitting third to the left of Aravind?
A. Anitha
B. Kani
C. Nishanth
D. Kamatchi
E. None of these

3. Which of the following groups of four members is not facing the centre?
A. Aravind, Anitha, Nisha and Prakash
B. Nishanth, Kani, Kamatchi and Prakash
C. Nishanth, Aravind, Anitha and Kani
D. Anitha, Nisha, Aravind and Nishanth
E. None of these

4. Four of the Following Five are alike in some way, find the odd one?
A. Kani
B. Aravind
C. Kamatchi
D. Anitha
E. Nishanth

5. Which pair is facing opposite to each other?
A. Kamatchi and Nisha
B. Kani and Anitha
C. Nishanth and Satheesh
D. Satheesh and Nisha
E. None of these

6. If the persons sitting opposite, interchange their positions, then who will be immediate neighbours of Kamatchi?
A. Anitha and Nishanth
B. Aravind and Nisha
C. Kani and Anitha
D. Anitha and Nisha
E. None of these

7. Anitha and Aravind are immediate neighbours of which person?
A. Kamatchi
B. Prakash
C. Satheesh
D. Kani
E. None of these

8. Who are sitting 5th to the left of Kani and 3rd to the right of Nisha respectively?
A. Kamatchi and Aravind
B. Aravind and Satheesh
C. Satheesh and Aravind
D. Aravind and Kamatchi
E. None of these

9. If the position of Nisha and Aravind gets interchanged, then who will be 3rd to left of Nishanth?
A. Prakash
B. Nisha
C. Aravind
D. Satheesh
E. None of these

10. How many Boys are sitting on the right of Kani and left of Kamatchi?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. None of these


1. Option C
2. Option D
3. Option D
4. Option B
5. Option E
6. Option A
7. Option C
8. Option D
9. Option A
10. Option C

Steps to solve:

Step 1: from 5, we get

Step 2: From 6, we get

Facing Centre
Boys- Satheesh, Prakash
Girls- Kamatchi

Step 3: From 3, we get

Step 4: From 4, 6 and 2, we can come to a conclusion

Facing Centre
Boys- Satheesh, Prakash
Girls- Kamatchi, Kani

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