Seating Arrangement Quiz: Part 25

There are seven persons Aastha, Aayush, Akshay, Aayushi, Ananya, Akku and Aman who are living in an eight-storey building on different floors which means there is a vacant floor in this building but not necessarily in the same order. There are three males and others are females in this group.

  • Only one person lives between Akshay and Ananya who is a male.
  • Aman who is male lives immediate above Akku’s floor.
  • Akshay sits on an even numbered floor.
  • The one who lives on second floor is a female.
  • There are two floors between aayushi and Aastha’s floor and both are females.
  • No female lives on the bottom floor.
  • There are only two persons between the person who lives on floor number 3 and the vacant floor.
  • Aayushi sits on the topmost floor.
Q. 1 Who among the following person is on floor number three?
A. Akku
B. Aayush
C. Aastha
D. Aayushi
E None of these

Q.2 How many floors are between Akshay and Ananya’s floor?
A. None
B. Three
C. Two
D. Four
E. One

Q.3 Which of the following pair represents those persons who are males?
A. Ananya, Aman, Aayushi
B. Aayushi, Aayush, Aman
C. Ananya, Aastha, Akshay,
D. Akshay, Akku, Aman,
E. Ayush, Aman, Ananya

Q.4 Who among the following person sits at the bottom floor?
A. Aayushi
B. Aastha
C. Aayush
D. Akku
E. Aman

Q.5 Ananya live on which floor?
A. Immediate above Akshay’s floor
B. At the bottom floor
C. Fourth floor
D. Seventh floor
E. At the topmost floor

Answers and Explanation

1. E
2. C
3. E
4. C
5. D

Floors          Persons       Gender 
8                 Aayushi         F
7                 Ananya         M
6                                       -
5                Aastha          F
4                Akshay         F
3                Aman           
2                 Akku            F
1            Aayush            M

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