Reasoning Puzzle for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam

Directions ( 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow.
There are eight persons named E, L, O, P, X, M, F and Q on different posts viz. Engineer, Principal, Teacher, Bank, Manager, Guard, Counsellor, Marketing Head and Doctor. Each one of them has different hobbies like watching T.V., Cooking, Playing cricket, Dancing, Singing and Reading books.
  • Two persons have reading books as their hobbies and two have hobbies cricket. The rest have different hobbies.
  • Engineer likes dancing
  • Q loves playing cricket while X sings.
  • F is a Counsellor and P likes cooking.
  • E is a Doctor while the one who likes cooking is a Principal.
  • X is a Teacher.
  • O is a Guard and likes playing cricket.
  • E and M like reading books.
  • The person who likes cricket is Marketing Head.
1. Who is a Bank Manager?
1. L
2. M
3. P
4. E
5. Other than the given options

2. What is the hobby of F?
1. Dancing
2. Watching TV
3. Reading books 
4. Singing
5. Other than the given options

3. What is the hte profession of Q?
1. Bank Manager
2. Engineer
3. Guard
4. Marketing Head
5. Other than the given options

4. Dancing is the hobby of who among the following?
1. X
2. L
3. M
4. P
5. Other than the given options

5. What is the profession of P?
1. Doctor
2. Teacher
3. Engineer
4. Principal
5. Other than the given options

Solutions : 

Post                                                           Hobby
on     En    Pr   Te   Ba  Gu   Co   Mh   Do  TV  C  Cr  Da  Si Rb 
E      X       X    X     X    x     X     X      ✓     X   X   X   X    X  
L      ✓      X    X     X    X     X     X       X     X   X   X  ✓    X   X
O     X      X    X     X    ✓    X     X        X     X   X   ✓   X   X   X
P    X       ✓    X    X    X     X     X        X     X    ✓  X   X    X   X
X    X       X   ✓     X   X      X    X        X      X   X  X  X    ✓  X
M   X      X     X     ✓   X     X     X       X     X   X   X   X    x  
F   X      X     X     X   X     ✓     X       X    ✓   X   X    X   X   X
Q   X     X    X     X    X     X     ✓      X    X      X  ✓  X     X  X

Note : - En- Engineer, Pr - Principal, Te- teacher, Ba - Bank manager, Gu - Guard, Co - Counsellor, Mh - marketing head, Do - Doctor, C - Cooking, Cr - Cricket, Da - Dancing, Si - Singing, Rb - reading book.

Person        Post           Hobby

E                  Doctor      Reading book

L                Engineer     Dancing

O             Guard           Playing Cricket

P            Principal          Cooking

X           Teacher           Singing

M     Bank Manager          Reading book

F        Counsellor            Watching TV

Q    Marketing Head      Playing Cricket


2. Watching TV
3. Marketing Head
4. L
5. Principal

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