Races and Games : 10 Questions that are Repeated in the Exams

 Races and Games of skills is an important chapter for banking examinations point of view. Here on I am analyzing various exam question papers from past many years. Today I am listing down 10 questions that repeated in almost all the exams.


Ques 1 .

In a kilome.tre race, A beats B by 30 metres or 6 seconds . Find the time taken by A to finish the race.
Ans 1. It is abvious that B runs 30 metres in 6 seconds .
Races and Games  of skillTime taken by A to finish the race = 200-=6 = 194 seconds = 3 minutes 14 seconds

Ques 2.

In a 125 m Race , A runs at 10 km/hour. A gives B a start of 5 metres and still beats him by 5 seconds . Find the speed of B.
 Ans 2. Races and Games  of skill

Ques 3.

In a kilometre race, if A gives B 30 m start, A wins by 20 seconds but if A gives B 30 seconds start, B wins by 20 m. Find the speed of B.
 Ans 3. Let the speed of A be x m/s and speed of B y m/s.Races and Games  of skill
Hence speed of B = 4.75 m/s.

Ques 4.

A can run a kilometre race in 2 minutes and B in 2 minutes. by what distance can A beat B ?
 Ans 4. A beats B by 40 sec.Races and Games  of skill
A beats B by 20 metres .

Ques 5.

In a 100 m race , A beats B by 12 m and C by 15 m , In a race of 176 m, Find by how much distance would B beat C.
 Ans 5. When A covers 100 m, B covers 88 m and C covers 85 m.
i.e. when B covers 88 m C covers 85 m.
when B covers 176 m, C would cover

Races and Games  of skill

B would beat C by 6 m in a race of 176 m.

Ques 6.

In a race of 600 m, A can beat B by 50 m and in a race of 500 m, B can beat C by 40 m . by how many metres will A beat C in a race of 400 m?
 Ans 6. When A covers 600 m , B covers 550 m.Races and Games  of skill

Ques 7.

In a 400 m. race , the ratio of speeds of two runners A and B is 3:4. a Has a start of 130 m. A wins by
(a) 50 m
(b) 25 m
(c) 40 m
(d) 75 m
 Ans 7. 40 m.

Ques 8.

In a 100 m race , P runs at 8 km/hour . If P gives Q a start of 4 m and still beats him by 15 seconds , the speed of Q is
(a) 6 km/hour
(b) 5.5 km/hour
(c) 6.2 km/hour
(d) 5.76 km/hour
 Ans 8. 5.76 km/hour
Races and Games  of skill

Ques 9.

Ram and shyam  run at 4 km on a course 250 m round . If their rates be 5 : 4 , how often does the winner pass the other?
(a) Ram passes Shyam thrice
(b) Ram passes Shyam twice
(c) Ram passes Shyam once
(d) Shyam passes Ram twice 
Ans 9. Ram passes Shyam thrice
Hint : Speed  of Ram with respect to shyam= 5x - 4x = x ms -1
Races and Games  of skill

Ques 10.

P can run one kilometre in half  a minute  less time than Q. In a kilometre race , Q gets a start of 100 m  and still losses by 100 m. Find  the time P and Q take to run a kilometre .
(a) 3 min , 2 min
(b) 31/2  min , 2 min
(c)2 min , 2 1/2 min
(d) 2 1/2 ,min, 4 min 
Ans 10.  2 min , 2 1/2 min
Hint : Let the speed of P and Q be P m/s and q  m/s respectively .
Races and Games  of skill

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