Mixed GK Quiz for the SSC CGL Exam (Set-13)

 1. The increase of blood flow to different tissues in the body is termed as

a) Hyperemia
b) Ischemia
c) Hemorrhage
d) Hemostasis
2. The RBI released is sixth bi-monthly policy statement for the year 2015-16
a) 1 Feb, 2016
b) 2 Feb, 2016
c) 2 Mar, 2016
d) 4 Mar, 2016
3. Which of the following is not a constitutional body in India?
a) Staff Selection commission
b) Central Vigilance commission
c) Law commission of India
d) NITI Aayog
4. The speed of data transmission is generally measured in
a) bits per second
b) characters per second
c) words per second
d) mega hertz
5. Which of the following is a form of democracy?
a) Presidential
b) Parliamentary
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Neither (a) nor (b)
6.Which of the following is measured in decibel?
a) Electricity
b) Luminosity
c) Noise
d) Rigidity
7. Most of the bats fly in the dark with the help of
a) flashing lights
b) ultrasonic sound waves
c) highly sensitive wings
d) sensitive nose
8. Which of the following elements is used to generate nuclear energy?
a) Plutonium
b) Thorium
c) Uranium
d) All the above
9. Alec Jeffreys pioneered which of the following techniques?
a) Cloning
b) Sterilisation
c) DNA fingerprinting
d) Radiocarbon dating
10. The Bacillus Calmette - Guerin (BCG) vaccine provides immunity against
a) Tuberculosis
b) Diphtheria
c) Typhoid
d) Chikungunya


1.a) Hyperemia
2 .b) 2 Feb, 2016
3.d) NITI Aayog
4.a) bits per second
5.c) Both (a) and (b)
6.c) Noise
7.b) ultrasonic sound waves
8.d) All the above
9.c) DNA fingerprinting
10.a) Tuberculosis


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