Machine Input/output Quiz With solution for RBI Grade B – Part 3

 Question: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. A number arrangement machine when given an input of words/numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and steps of rearrangement.

Input: gone 93 over 46 84 now for 31
Step I: 31 gone 93 over 46 84 now for
Step II: 31 over gone 93 46 84 now for
Step III: 31 over 46 gone 93 84 now for

Step IV: 31 over 46 now gone 93 84 for
Step V: 31 over 46 now 84 gone 93 for
Step V is the last step of the rearrangement of the above input. As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the given input.
This is the final arrangement and step 8 is the last step for this input.

Solution: The input consists of both numbers and words. The output contains numbers and words one after another. Both are arranged in ascending and descending order respectively.
Now, on closely observing the input, we notice that only one element (either word or number) is arranged one at a time.
In the first step, the smallest number is shifted forward and in the second step, the word based on descending alphabetical order is shifted. Moving on to the questions:

Machine Input-Output Quiz For RBI Grade B(Phase 1): Part 1

Question 1 

Step III of an Input: 15 window 29 93 86 sail tower buy
Which of the following will be step VI?

A. 15 window 29 tower 86 sail 93 buy
B. 15 window 29 tower 86 93 sail buy
C. 15 window 29 tower 93 86 sail buy
D. There will be no such step
E. None of these
Solution: We use the contracted to save ourselves the time of writing entire word which should look like:
We are provided with step 3rd as input and as we have seen that only one element is arranged in one step, so in step-III, 3 of the elements must have taken their final position and so to move forward, we need to work on the elements from position no. 4.
Now, If you have seen the previous articles on machine input output on our website, you must have noticed that rather than writing individual steps, we work on all of them in single as,

Step 6: 15 w 29 t 86 s 93 b
When the contracted forms are replaced with full words, the step becomes,
Step 6: 15 window 29 tower 86 sail 93 buy
which is option A.

Question 2

Input: station hurry 39 67 all men 86 59
How many steps will be required to complete the rearrangement?

A. Four
B. Five
C. Six
D. Three
E. None of these
Solution: let us follow our first signature step and contract the words to make our task easy a little bit.

Now, we work on the input all together rather than writing each and every step individually.

You might be wondering, why a few elements are not moved forward! The reason is the numbers which are in front are already set in the desired position and thus do not require any shifting and we can move forward to the next element for processing.
The processes seem a little hard but trust me it’s not. Moving On as the numbers on the curves lines go on till 5 and thus, total 5 steps are needed to complete the rearrangement.
which is option B

Question 3

Step II of an input is: 49 zone car battery 56 87 71 down
Which of the following is definitely the input?

A. car 49 battery zone 56 87 71 down
B. zone 49 car battery 56 87 71 down
C. battery car 49 zone 56 87 71 down
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these
Solution: We need to remember a thumb rule in the questions that require shifting according to a specific order as in ascending or descending order that INPUT cannot be determined from a certain step.
And therefore as in this question we are asked to determine the INPUT, the answer cannot be determined which is option D.

Question 4

Input: news 79 53 glory for 46 29 task
Which of the following will be step IV?

A. 29 task 46 news 53 glory 79 for
B. 29 task 46 news 53 79 glory for
C. 29 task 46 news 79 53 glory for
D. 29 news 79 53 glory for 46 task
E. None of these
Solution: Let us first follow the signature step and contract the words,

Let us start working on the input till step IV, as asked.

Which when arranged should look like
29 task 46 news 53 79 glory for
And this is option B.

Question 5

Step III of an input is: 27 tube 34 gas chamber row 74 53
Which of the following steps will be the last but one?

D. V
E. None of these
Solution: “Last but one” step means second last, but for that, we need to rearrange the input till the last step.
Following the signature step i.e. contraction

The input is step III which means 3 elements in the beginning are already set in the desired position. So, we start working from element four.

That means, in total 6 steps are required to complete the rearrangement. So, 5th step is “last but one” step.
And this is option D.
Hope this method is clear to you.
Now, in the above question, only one element is arranged in single step. How about a question where two elements (either number or word) is arranged in one single step?

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