How to Solve Mixture and Alligation Questions Easily


1) In a Vessel, the ratio of milk to water is 4:7. Then find how much percentage of water is in the vessel.

Milk: Water

In the vessel, the ratio of water is 7 and the total of ratio is 11.
Water Percentage in the vessel = Ratio of Water/ Total of Ratio×100
= 7/11×100
So, the percentage of water in the vessel is 63.63%.In the same, way you can also find out the percentage of water in the vessel.

2) In two different vessels, if in the vessel, it has 3 litre of mixture of milk and water in which the percentage of water is 20% while in the second vessel it has a mixture of 5 litre out of which the percentage of milk is 70%. Find the Percentage of Water in both the vessels.
Vessel 1 vessel 2
Mixture 3 litre 5 litre
Percentage of milk 80% 70%
Percentage of water 20% 30%
Percentage of Water in Both Vessels = 20%of 3+30%of 5/3+5
                                                    = 11.25%

3) There are two vessels which are full of milk and water. In the first vessel the ratio of milk to water is 3:2 while in the second vessel the ratio of milk to water is 5:2. If both are put to gathers in the new vessel, find the ratio of milk to water.
Sum of Ratio of Milk from both the vessels
3/5 + 5/7
Ratio of Water from both the vessels
2/5 + 2/7
Ratio of Milk to Water in the new vessel
46/35 + 24/35

4) If the Total Mixture in the vessel is 30 litre and the ratio of milk to water is 3:2. If a certain quantity of water is added further and the ratio of milk to water becomes 1:2. Find out how much quantity is water is added.

Quantity of milk = 30/5×3
                       = 18
Quantity of milk = 30/5×2
                       = 12
Quantity is water is added
18/12+X = 1/2
36 = 12 + X
36 – 12 = X
X = 24
So, the water added is 24 liter.

5) A mixture of 25 litre has some quantity of milk and water and the rate of milk sold at 15RS per liter while pure milk is sold at the rate of 25RS. Find the quantity of water in the mixture.
Price of pure milk 15RS
Price of Mixture 25RS
Price of water 0
Milk   Water
25           0
15         10
Ratio of 15:10
Quantity of water in the mixture = 25/5×3
                                                = 15 litre.

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