Difficult Reasoning Puzzle for IBPS Clerk: Part - 8

 Directions (1-6): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Seven person P, Q, R, S ,T , U and V like different dance forms, viz- Mask dance Bihu, Nati, Mandi, Bharatnatyam, Nautanki and Lavani, but not necessarily in the same order. Each of them has a
different profession, viz- Banking, Acting, Business, Dancing, Anchoring, teaching and Writing, but not necessarily in the same order. P is an Anchor. S likes Lavani. The person who likes Bharatnatyam is doing a job of Acting. The person who does teaching is fond of Nati dance. U does not like Teaching, Acting, Banking or Dancing. U does not like Nautanki, Bihu or Mandi. Q doesn't have a profession of Business, Acting, Banking or Dancing. Q does not like Mandi, Mask dance, Bihu or Nautanki. R does not like Bharatnatyam and his profession is neither Banking nor Dancing. Neither S nor V does a job a Banking. P does not like Bihu dance and mask dance. The person who does Business likes Nautanki.

1. Who among the following does a job of teaching?
1. Q
2. U
3. S
4. T
5. Can't say

2. Which of the following combinations is true according to the given information?
1. P- Mask dance- Anchoring
2. R- Nati- Teaching
3. T- Bihu- Writing
4. S- Lavani- Dancing
5. All the above

3. Which of the following is true about V?
1. Bharatnatyam - Acting 
2. Lavani- Writing
3. Nati - Teaching
4. Nautanki - Business
5. Mask dance - writing

4. The person who has the profession of Banking, likes?
1. Mask dance
2. Bharatnatyam
3. Mandi
4. Lavani
5. Bihu

5. Who among the following likes a Nautanki?
1. P
2. R
3. T
4. V
5. Other than the given options

6. Which of the following Folk dance is likes options
1. Nati
2. Bihu
3. Mask dance
4. Nautanki
5. Other than the given options


Person    Dance form      Profession

P              Mandi           Anchoring

Q            Nati               Teaching

R       Nautanki             Business

S       Lavani              Dancing

T       Bihu                Banking

U    Mask dance     Writing

V   Bharatnatyam     Acting

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