Tricks to Solve Alphanumeric Series Easily: Part 4

 In this article we learn how to solve Alpha-numerical series easily by developing tricks

Study the following sequence carefully and answer the questions given below it
A B * 9 E 8 M 3 # N 5 @ 7 P 6 ! Q G

Question 1

In the above sequence which letter or number or symbol will be 4th to the right of 5th position from left end?

TRICK: If both are in opposite direction (add)
= To              From

= 4R            + 5L

= 9L

= Answer: #

Question 2

In the above sequence, if adjacent positions interchange and also written in reverse order, then which letter or number will be 4th to the right of 13th position from your right end?

TRICK: If both are in same direction (subtract)

= TO        FROM

= 4R     -   13R

=  9R


  • If adjacent places are interchanged then apply odd-even concept 
  • If odd = +1 
  • If even = -1 
= 9R+1
= 10R (If reverse order is asked Use reverse alphabetical order trick)

2. BoY 
3. CraX 
4. DeW 
5. EVen 
6. FUll 
7. GT road 
8. High School 
9. Indian Railways 
10. Jungle Queen 
11. KanPur 
12. LOve
13. MaN

= 10L = N (Answer)

Question 3

In above sequence, which letter will be 3rd to the right of 4th position from your left end? If that position is symbol then preceded number is answer, if position is number, followed letter is answer.

TRICK: If both are in opposite direction (add)

= TO      FROM

= 3R  +  4L

= 7L (7th letter from left is alphabet)

= Answer is M

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