Fill in the Blanks set 4

 Directions (Q. Nos. 1-8) Fill in the blanks choosing appropriate word from the options given below. If no option is correct, mark option (e) None of these.

1) My mother upset the kettle of boiling water and  ______ her right hand badly.

a) scorched

b) burn

c) woulded

d) scalded

e) None of these

2) Please do not _______ an offer made by the Chairman.

a) refuse

b) deny

c) refrain

d) refuge

e) None of these

3) The govt. is confident that the standard of living will begin to _______ again soon.

a) rise

b) lift

c) flourish

d) revive

e) None of these

4) On second reading his poems strike us as singularly ________ of sublime emotions.

a) attributive

b) significative

c) symptomatic

d) evocative

e) None of these

5) Health is too important to be _________

a) neglected

b) discarded

c) dispised

d) detested

e) None of these

6) Even a ________ glance will reveal the mystery.

a) crude

b) cursory

c) critical

d) curious

e) None of these

7) Like any other country India has its _______ share of superstitious.

a) abundant

b) fair

c) proper

d) peculiar

e) None of these

8) Hindus believe that ______ from the cycle of birth and rebirth can be attained only by good deeds.

a) bondage

b) deliverance

c) delivery

d) retirement

e) None of these

Directions (Q.No. 9-18) Each of following sentences has a blank space and four words given after the sentence. Select whichever word you consider most appropriate for the blank space. If no option is correct, mark option (e) None of these.

9) An employment advertisement should _______ the number of vacancies.

a) provide

b) declare

c) contain

d) specify

e) None of these

10) The family gave father a gold watch on the  _______ of his fifteenth birthday.

a) time

b) event

c) occasion

d) celebration

e) None of these

11) The pessengers were afraid but the captain _______ them that there was no danger.

a) promised

b) advised

c) assured

d) counselled

e) None of these

12) It’s very kind of you to  ________ to speak at the meeting.

a) comply

b) agree

c) accept

d) concur

e) None of these

13) I haven’t seen you _____ a week.

a) within

b) since

c) for

d) from

e) None of these

14) Do you know?

a) where she comes from

b) where does she come from

c) where from she comes

d) from where does she come

e) None of these

15) The battalion operating from the mountain was able to _______ three enemy divisions.

a) tie up

b) tie down

c) tie on

d) tie with

e) None of these

16) she ______ a brief appearance at the end of the party.

a) put on

b) put in

c) put across

d) put up

e) None of these

17) Once he has signed the agreement, he won’t be able to _________.

a) back up

b) back in

c) back at

d) back out

e) None of these

18) -________ of old paintings is a job for the experts.

a) Resurrection

b) Retrieval

c) Restoration

d) Resumption

e) None of these

Directions (Q. Nos. 19-23) From among the four alternatives given under each question. Find the one  that fits into the blank space most appropriately). If no option is correct, make option (e) None of these.

19) The terrorists made a vain attempt to ________ the bridge.

a) blow down

b) blow up

c) blow over

d) bloow out

e) None of these

20) The Finance Minister may _______  new proposals in his budget speech.

a) bring out

b) bring forward

c) bring round

d) bring forth

e) None of these

21) The main suspect in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination are still _______.

a) under a cloud

b) at daggers drawn

c) at large

d) at sea

e) None of these

22) The building was so old and dilapidated that it was not _______.

a) habitation

b) habitat

c) habitant

d) habitable

e) None of these

23) Polyster shirts are more ________ than the cotton ones.

a) durably

b) duration

c) durability

d) durable

e) None of these

Directions (Q.Nos. 24-30) Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make it complete and meaningful.

24) Leadership defines what the future should like and _______ people with that vision.

a) encourages

b) develops

c) trains

d) aligns

e) None of these

25) We upset ourselves by responding in an ________ manner to someone else’s actions.

a) invalid

b) irrational

c) arduous

d) arguable

e) None of these

26) All the people involved in that issue feel a great _______ to his suggestion.

a) contradiction

b) adherence

c) indifference

d) objection

e) None of these

27) These election will be remembered as much for its anti-incumbency mood as for its _______ mandate.

a) invincible

b) rational

c) Unprecedented

d) deliberate

e) None of these

28) How do you expect us to stay in such a ______ building even if it can be hired on a nominal rent?

a) scruffy

b) desperate

c) fragmented

d) robust

e) None of these

29) ________ efforts from all concerned are required to raise the social and economic condition of our  countrymen.

a) Perpetual

b) Dynamic

c) Massive

d) Exploring

e) None of these

30) Many companies see technology as a _______ for a whole host of business problems.

a) consideration

b) preference

c) linking

d) craving

e) panacea

Directions (Q,Nos. 31-45) In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word (s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four. If no option is correct, mark option (e) None of these.

31) He admired precision in everything, but it never hampered his quick ________.

a) decision

b) action

c) dealing

d) finalization

e) None of these

32) _______ you meet my son in the market, ask him to come home at once.

a) should

b) would

c) while

d) will

e) None of these

33) The proud king was turned a deaf ear to the ______ of wise counsellors.

a) advices

b) advises

c) advise

d) advice

e) None of these

34) I shall not desert him _____ all the world

a) for

b) by

c) from

d) with

e) None of these

35) The judge acquitted the prisoner ________ the charge of murder.

a) from

b) about

c) with

d) of

e) None of these

36) More than twenty years have now passed ______ I had  my first night.

a) when

b) since

c) while

d) as

e) None of these

37) _______ being hard-working he is thoroughly honest.

a) Along with

b) Betimes

c) Over and above

d) Although

e) None of these

38) Through perseverance and hard work we can keep the ________ of liberty burning even during dark and trying times.

a) light

b) goal

c) lamp

d) flame

e) None of these

39) He became the Governor of a province ________.

a) by and large

b) in course of time

c) at times

d) little by little

e) None of these

40) You’re coming to the movie,_______?

a) isn’t it

b) won’t you

c)aren’t you

d) can’t you

e) None of these

41) While strolling on Janpath, I chanced to meet _________ European.

a) one

b) the

c) an

d) a

e) None of these

42) Because of the heavy rain, the match was _________ .

a) set aside

b) called off

c) fallen off

d) broken off

e) None of these

43) Usually the ascent of mountain face is much easier than the _________.

a) fall

b) decent

c) descent

d) descend

e) None of these

44) This is a __________ translation of the speech.

a) literal

b) literary

c) verbal

d) verbatim

e) None of these

45) I spend much of my time _________ writing letters and memos.

a) in

b) to

c) on

d) at

e) None of these

Directions (Q. Nos. 46-50) Each of the following sentences has a blank space and four words given after the sentence. Select whichever word you consider most appropriate for the blank space. If no option is correct, mark option (e) None of these.

46) The ________ effect of suitably chosen firms on children’s minds cannot be overestimated.

a) educative

b) debilitating

c) baneful

d) educational

e) None of these

47) A number of scientists in the country think that they are on the _______ of a major breakthrough.

a) frontier

b) threshold

c) gateway

d) periphery

e) None of these

48) _______ from the campaigns have been used to buy medical supplies, food and educational materials.

a) Revenue

b) Profit

c) Proceed

d) Proceeds

e) None of these

49) When I joined the flying club, my instructor gave me the first lecture on the ________ of flying.

a) foundations

b) basics

c) need

d) theory

e) None of these

50) You must ________ your house in order before you venture to offer advice to others.

a) arrange

b) bring

c) get

d) organize

e) None of these


1) d

11) c

21) c

31) b

41) b

2) a

12) b

22) d

32) a

42) b

3) a

13) c

23) d

33) d

43) c

4) d

14) a

24) d

34) a

44) a

5) a

15) b

25) e

35) d

45) a

6) b

16) b

26) e

36) d

46) a

7) b

17) d

27) c

37) a

47) b

8) b

18) c

28) a

38) d

48) d

9) d

19) b

29) a

39) b

49) b

10) c

20) b

30) e

40) c

50) c

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