Solve Bar Graph By Visual Inspection

 In this article we learn how we can calculate BAR GRAPH easily by solving most repeatedly asked questions in our examinations. 


1. Whenever we solve DI questions first we need to analyse the given data to proceed further.
2. Observe what is on x-axis and y-axis, Observe the colour for which it is specified.

Directions: The following bar graph shows the total number of students appearing in an examination from two schools A and B over the years.

Ques.  What is the average number of students appearing from School A over the given period? 
A. 705 
B. 710
C. 715
D. 720
E. 725


Observe the bar graph to find average never take a note of it and calculate. Calculate in your mind.
Answer: 700+15=715
Explanation: 640 800 500 700 900 750
Take 700 as base (for example)
-60 +100 -200 0 +200 +50 =+90/6=15


Turn every year value to base value to perform simpler calculation
Take 700(2011) as base
Give 200(from 900-200=700) (2012) to (2010) 500+200=700
Give 50(from 750-50=700) (2013) to (2008) 640+50=690
Give 10(from 800-10=790) (2009) to (2008) 690+10=700
Left over is 90/6=15
700+15=715 ( Answer)
The above calculation seems to be lenthy but once we get habituate to calculate by visual inspection, calculating DI questions will become easy.

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