High Level Seating Arrangement Quiz For IBPS PO 2017

 There are eight children named Kunal, Leena, Gaurav, Fatima, Micky, Jony, Heena and Tinku are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. Each of them has their favourite subject – Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Economics, Hindi, Urdu and English but not necessarily in the same order.

Fatima is sitting second to the left of Kunal. The child who likes Hindi is an immediate neighbour of Kunal. There are three children between the Tinku and the child who likes Hindi. Only one child sits between the child who likes maths and Tinku. The child who likes economics is to the immediate right of the child who likes maths. Micky is second to the right of Kunal. Heena likes Hindi. Gaurav and Jony are immediate neighbour of each other. Neither Gaurav nor Jony likes maths. The child who likes urdu is to the immediate left to Fatima. The child who likes physics is second to the right of the child who likes economics. The child who likes English is an immediate neighbour of the child who likes Maths. Gaurav is the second to the right of the child who likes Chemistry.

1) Who is the forth to the right of Kunal?
A. Fatima
B. Leena
C. Micky
D. Jony
E. Gaurav

2) Which subject does like Fatima?
A. Maths
B. Hindi
C. Science
D. Urdu
E. Physics

3) Which one is correct?
A. Tinku – Physics
B. Heena – Science
C. Micky – Economics
D. Jony – Maths
E. None of these

4) Which of the following represents the immediate neighbour of Leena?
A. Tinku
B. Kunal
C. Jony
D. Fatima
E. Heena

5) Who likes maths?
A. Kunal
B. Leena
C. Gaurav
D. Can not be determined
E. None of these

6) Who is the second to the right of the child who likes English?
A. Micky
B. Jony
C. Fatima
D. Kunal 
  E. Tinku

Answers with Explanations

1) Jony
2) Science
3) Micky – Economics
4) Kunal
5) Leena
6) Micky

S.No    Child Name     Favourite Subject
1          Kunal             English
2         Leena             Maths
3       Micky             Economics
4       Tinku            Chemistry
5         Jony            Physics
6      Gaurav           Urdu
7     Fatima          Science
8     Heena           Hindi

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