High Level Blood Relation Quiz: Part 5

 Directions (Q.1-3): 

There are some people in a family. Jyoti is the grandmother of Ananya. Hemant is the husband of Aanchal who is sister in law of Aarushi. Arun is the maternal uncle of Ritu and Manoj. Meena is the father of Seema. Arun is the uncle of Nitu. Nitu is the granddaughter of Jyoti. Arun is the brother of Seema who is the husband of Aarushi. Ananya and Nitu is the Daughter of Aarushi. Ritu & Manoj is the son of Hemant.

1. How is Aarushi related to Meena?
A. Sister in law
B. Daughter in law
C. Daughter
D. Son
E. Wife

2. If Aastha is the wife of Arun then how is Jyoti related to Aastha?
A. Daughter in law
B. Husband
C. Son
D. Mother in law
E. Father in law

3. Who is the father of Nitu?
A. Aarushi
B. Hemant
C. Seema
D. Meena
E. Arun

Directions (Q.4-5): 
$ means A is sister of B
@ means A is father of B
% means A is son of B
* means A is mother of B
# means A is husband of B

4. How is W related to Q?
A. Son
B. Wife
C. Uncle
D. Aunt
E. C. &. D.

5. How is P related to R?
A. Aunt
B. Nephew
C. Son
D. Husband
E. Father

Answers & Solutions

1. Ans. B.

2. Ans. D.

3. Ans. C

4. Ans. E.

5. Ans. A.

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