Coding Decoding Quiz Based on SBI PO Mains 2017

 Directions (Q1-3): Consider the following steps for given input and read the instructions to reach the last step: 


Input to Step I: Only alphabets are exchanged on the basis of arrows given.

Step I to Step II: 
(i) If both letters are consonant then replace the both letters with succeeding alphabet and subtract 3 from the number. 
(ii) If there are one vowel and one consonant in the value then replace the both letters with preceding alphabet and subtract 2 from the number.
(iii) If there is only one letter in the value then add 4 in number.
Step II to Step III: It is also follows some pattern but is not same as of Step I and II. 

Q.1 What is the sum of all numbers in Step II of given input? 
A. 55 
B. 45
C. 50
D. 48
E. 65

Q.2 Which of the following represents the third element in 3rd row in Step III? 
A. M6 
B. Z9
C. A5
D. Q5
E. R8

Q.3 In Step III how many alphabets are repeated? 
A. 4 
B. 2
C. 1
D. None
E. 3


1. Ans. D. 

2. Ans. E. 
The third element in 3rd row in Step III = R8 

3. Ans. C. 
Only alphabet ‘W’ is repeated in Step III.

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