Blood Relations Reasoning Shortcut Tricks

 In Blood Relations, certain information is given about the members of the family in the question, Based on that information we need to find out the relationship between a particular member of the family. Generally, the question deals with a hierarchical structure which is based on seven generation three above & three below like this:

Generation                                 Male                             Female
Three generations        Great grandfather            Maternal great
   above↑↑↑                      Maternal great              Maternal great
                                              grandfather                                grandmother
                                               Great grandfather-in-law           Great grandmother-in-law

Two generations           Grandfather                             Grandmother
above ↑↑                       Maternal grandfather              Maternal grandmother
                                    Grandfather-in-law                     Grandmother-in-law

One generations         Father, Uncle,                             Mother, Aunt
above ↑                       Maternal uncle, Father-               Maternal aunt, Mother-in-                                              in-law                                                   law
Current generation       Husband, Brother                         Wife, Sister
(Self) →                       Cousin, Brother-in-law                    Cousin, Sister-in-law

One generation            Son                                                        Daughter
below ↓                          Nephew                                                  Niece                                                                  Son-in-law                                      Daughter-in-law
  Two generations             Grandson                                       Grand daughter
    below ↓↓                      Grandson-in-law                              Grand daughter-in-law
Three generations             Great grandson                             Great grand daughter
 below ↓↓↓                        Great grandson-in-law                 Great grand daughter-in-

Representation through diagram


ϴ Father-Daughter


ϴ Mother-Daughter


  • Based on Dialogue or Conversation
  • Based on Puzzles
  • Based on Symbolically Coded 

# Conversation or Dialogue

In this type of question.the one person talking to or doing chit -chat with other person giving information throw pointing to some picture or person.
Madhu said, pointing to Shreya, " His mother is my mother's only daughter".How Madhu is related to Shreya?
a) Father b) Son c) Grandson d) Mother e) None of these

Pointing to a man in a photograph, a man said to a woman, "His mother is the only daughter of your father".How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?

a)Sister b) Mother c) Wife d) Daughter e) None of these

# Based on Puzzles

In this type of question ,You have to conclude the relation between two given person based on more than one information given in the question. 
A is the mother of B. B is the sister of C. D is the son of C. E is the brother of D. F is the mother of E. G is the granddaughter of A. H has only two children B and C.

Q1. How F related to H?
a) Son-in-law
b) Daughter-in-law
c) Father-in-law
e) Cannot be determined

Q2. How is C related to E?
b) Son
c) Mother
d) Cousin brother
e) Cannot be determined

Q3. Who is the mother of G?
a) C
b) B
c) F
d) Either B or F
e) Either C or F


Sol: Option (b)
 From the above diagram it is clear that F is daughter-in-law of H.
Sol: Option (a) 
 From the above diagram.It is clear that C is father of E.
Sol: Option (b)
 From the above diagram it is clear that B is mother of G.

# Symbols 

In this type of question information are coded in the form of ∆#$%&*÷+ etc,..

Read the following information carefully and then answer the question given below.
a)A∆B means A is mother of B
b) A $B means A is sister of B
c) A*B means A is father of B
d) A #B means A is brother of B

Q1. Which of the following means R is uncle of T?
a) R*P#S∆Q$T b)S*P#R*U#T c) P*R#Q$S*T d)P*R$Q$S*T e) None of these

q2. Which of the following means L is paternal grandfather of O ?
a) L*R$M#K#O b)R*L∆P#K$O c) L*M∆R*K#O d) L*R#M*K#O e) None of these



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