Analytical Reasoning Quiz For RBI Grade B

Question 1:

In a highly centralized power structure ,in which even senior cabinet ministers are prepared to reduce themselves to apathetic yes- men airing views that are primarily intended to anticipate or reflect the PM’s own performances , there can be no place for any consensus that is quite different from real or contrived unanimity of opinion , expressed through a well – orchestrated endorsement of the leader’s actions.

Conclusions : 
 (I ) The ministers play safe by not giving anti-government views
(II) The prime minister does not encourage his colleagues to render their own views

a) if conclusion I follows 
b) if conclusion II follows 
c) if conclusion I and II follow
d) if either I or Ii follows 
e) if neither I or II follows 

Question 2:

Young people who imagine that the life of a writer is one of glamour , riches or fame soon discover not only the difficulties of the craft but the long odds against achieving any measure of recognition or financial security. Upon being asked “ aren’t most editors failed writers ? “ T.S. Elliot is said to have remarked “ yes , but so are most writers”

The statement by T.S. Elliot conveys which of the following ideas ?
a) the profession of editing can be just as creative and challenging as writing.
b) few writers are fortunate enough to attain real success in their profession
c) for a writer , success is measured more by influence exerted than by material gain achieved .
d) many writers find that a stint at editorial work is a beneficial apprenticeship in their craft.
e) there are no clear cut standards of success and failure for writers , but there are such standards for editors.

Question 3:

The states of New York , Ohio , Pennsylvania and California provide extensive free higher education to their residents. These states are representative of different geographic areas of the united states. There is a little reason why most states cannot provide the same service to their residents.
Which of the following , if true , would weaken the above argument?
a) free education is not guaranteed by the constitution
b) New York , Ohio , Pennsylvania and California have more qualified high school graduates than other states.
c) most other states do not have the tax base that New York ,Ohio , Pennsylvania and California have
d) Other states do not have as many high school graduates
e) Quality education cannot be free , it must be paid for .

Question 4:

A major insurance company reported that approximately 80 percent of all traffic accidents never results in an insurance claim. So , we can conclude that about 80 % of losses due to theft also go unreported.
The argument above assumes that
I) statistics of automobile insurance claims are applicable to claims for theft losses.
II)Traffic accidents represent a more serious danger to the individual than do thefts.
III ) The average dollar value of a traffic accident claim is equal to the average dollar value of thefts claim.

a) I only 
b) II only 
c) III only 
d) I and II only 
e) I and III only

Question 5:

State council for teacher education (SCTE) has laid down guidelines in respect of minimum qualification for a person to be employed as a teacher in universities or in recognized institution.

I) The authorities will now appoint only qualified teachers.
II) Only qualified people will apply for the teaching post.
III) SCTE decides all the norms of educational for teaching faculty .

a) all are implicit 
b) none is implicit
c)only I is implicit 
d) I and III are implicit
e) I and II are implicit

Answers & Explanation

1) Ans (a) 

Although the passage does say that the ministers reduce themselves to yes men, it never hints that the prime minister too does not want them to speak openly.

2) Ans (b)

The main point of the passage is that most writers don’t fare well. This is why the author quotes T.S Elliot, who, somewhat ironically, points out that even most people who claim to be writers aren’t really successful writers.

3) Ans (c)

It can be argued that New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California have large populations and extensive industry and thus, a wide tax base from which to finance higher education. Most other states do not have such an extensive tax base. The argument in the statement ios a fallacy of analogy, incorrectly making an analogy between the four states mentioned and most other states.

4) Ans (a)

5) Ans (a)

According to the statement . all the assumptions are clearly Implicit.


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