Puzzle Practice Set With Solution: Part 6

Directions (Q.1-3):

First 12 even numbers are written from top to bottom. The letters of word ‘SCARED’ are written in alphabetical order against each multiple of 4 (One letter against one number). There are 2 letters between N and S. There are as many letters between E and N as between P and D. P is not against number 14. There are 5 letters between U and T. U is above T. I is written against number 6. (No letter is repeated against any number)

Q.1 Which is second letter in word formed by letters against numbers 6, 12, 14 and 20? 
A. R
B. D
C. I
D. T
E. L

Q.2 If there are 3 alphabets in English alphabetical series between alphabets written against numbers 10 and 22. Then how many alphabets in English alphabetical series are there between alphabets written against numbers 18 and 22? 
A. More than three
B. None
C. Two
D. One
E. Three

Q.3 Which of the following alphabet is against number 14?
A. U
B. T
C. A
D. C
E. E

Answers With Explanation

1. Ans. C. 

Solution: 6-I, 12-D, 14-T, 20-R
The word formed by I, D, T, R is DIRT.
Second letter of the word is I.

2. Ans. D. 

Solution: There are 3 letters between P and T, and L and P.
So T or L is written against 22 but T has already been written against 14 then L is written against 22.
Only M is between L and N.

3. Ans. B. 

2 - U
4 - A
6 - I
8 - C
10 - P
12 - D
14 - T
16 - E
18 - N
20 - R
22 -
24 - S

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