Fill in the Blanks set 8

 Fill up the pairs of blanks in the following sentences using appropriate prepositions from the four alternatives given below each sentences.

1. The declaration ________ was has resulted ________ loss of jobs.

a. to, for

b. for, in

c. of, in

d. with, of

2.The maintenance _______ law and order is the responsibility _______ the state.

a. in, of

b. of, of

c. in, for

d. of, in

3. The child is blind _______ one eye, and so, he cannot play ________ normal children.

a. of, with

b. at of

c. with, with

d, of, of

4. The fire was extinguished _________ midnight, and so, normalcy returned ________ the morning.

a. at, at

b. at, in

c. in, in

d. in, in

5. She could not get _______ her disappointment ______ having been rejected in the interview.

a. of, in

b. in, with

c. over, at

d. over, on

6. She comes  ________ a family which has a passion readuing books.

a. from, in

b. off, for

c. of, for

d. of, in

 7. The doctors have called ______ a total abstinence _______ alcohol.

a. to, with

b. for, from

c. for, with

d. to, in

8. Convergence  ______ all the routes occured _____ this point.

a. of, at

b. from, on

c. for, with

d. to, in

 9. The gate keepers picked ______ a quarrel at the enterence so she could not enter _____ the hall.

a. up, into

b. up, in

c. of, into

d. no prepositions required

10. The children ______ his second wife, have been accused _______ urder. 

a. with, of

b. from, with

c. from, in

d. by, of

 11. The teacher was pleased _______ the children so, she took them to the picnic _____ car.

a. at,in

b. with, by

c. at, on

d. with, on

12. Ir is not easy to get rid ______ maleria, once you are afflicted  _______ it.

a. with, by

b. of, with

c. off, with

d. from,by

13. A through understanding ______ the subject is a must  _______ arriving at any conclusion.

a. with, in'

b. of, for

c. in, to

d. into, at

14. I was fortune  ______ having for this book  _____ the library.

a. to, in

b. to, at

c. in, from

d. with, into

15. The poem I am referring _____ is given  ______ page ten.

a. to, at

b. to, in

c. to, on

d. about, in


















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