Fill in the Blanks set 2

 Directions :

Mark the choice that correctly fills the blank in the given sentences.

1. I have written a textbook____ African history, and a book for children _____ Africa and its people.

(a) ON, on

(b) on , about

(c) about,on

(d) about, about

2. There is thick cloud ___ the south of England.

(a) over

(b) above

(c) on

(d) across

3. The summit of Everest is ___ 8000 metres  ___ sea level.

(a) above, over

(b) about , of

(c) over, above

(d) about,above

4. HIs office is ___ the corridor.

(a) on

(b) in

(c) beside

(d) along

5. Switzerland lies___ France, Italy,Austria and Germany,

(a) between

(b) among

(c) across

(d) beyond

6. My house is ___ the third crossroads after the bridge.

(a) on

(b) in


(d) at

7. I once studied the guitar ____ three years.

(a) for

(b) from

(c) since

(d) in

8. Let's try to agree_____a date.

(a) with 

(b) about

(c) on

(d) to

9. What are you so angry ____?

(a) about

(b) with

(c) on

(d) of

10. We ought to discuss ____ your holiday dates.

(a) about

(b) of

(c) on

(d) no preposition needed.













Solutions :

1. On is used to suggest that a book,article,lecture,etc. is serious ,or academic,suitable for specialists..About is used when the information given is more general ,or the style of communication is more casual.

2.(over) .When the meaning is covering or crossing , over is used.

3.(over,above).With numbers,expressions of quantity or measurement, it is more common to use over;above is used when we think about measurement on a vertical scale.

4.(along).Along is used with nouns like road. river,corridor , line: words that refer things with a long, thin,shape.

5. ( between).Between is used when we see the surrounding objects,people,countries,etc.separately.

6.(at). At is used when we talk about position at a point.

7.(for).For is used to say how an action or a situation lasts. IT can be used to talk about the past, present or future.

8. (on). When it is a matter for decision,on is used with agree.

9.(about). Angry with a person,but angry about something.

10.  No preposition needed.

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