Fill in the Blank set 14.

 Directions (Q.1-10): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by number 1) 2) 3) 4) and 5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

1. His failure to turn his attention to ___________ wastes of public money is ___________.

a) unavoidable, sordid

b) flagrant, inexcusable

c) prime, offensive

d) acute, unethical

e) unwarranted, accessible

2. The most ____________ cause of environmental ___________ is the air pollution.

a) distant, disorder

b) extinct, hazard

c) conspicuous, degradation

d) meticulous, imbalance

e) degrading, pollution

3. Now it is __________ for all Indian citizens entering Nepalese ___________ to have a valid passport.

a) must, culture

b) usual, domain

c) laudable, land

d) agonizing, land

e) mandatory, territory

4. Pollution and smog ___________ before us a specter of dreaded disease wreaking _________ on our health.

a) present, danger

b) configurate, disaster

c) unveil, havoc

d) constitute, menace

e) preside, damage

5. As world oil prices ___________ to record levels, the government is _________ to meet the impact by raising the price of the oil products.

a) climb, running

b) increase, handicap

c) touches, embarking

d) soar, gearing

e) advances, questioning

6. We should think seriously about ____________ of ____________ illiteracy among the children.

a) minimizing, percentage

b) arresting, abundant

c) eradication, mass

d) curbing, unchecked

e) implementation, checking

7. During the Muhgal period, the political and military power of the feudal classes by ___________ away the agricultural surplus left ____________ of the peasantry to live in conditions of poverty and stagnation.

a) draining, bulk

b) drifting, economy

c) sourcing, mass

d) snatching, fate

e) surfing, lot

8. Land being the most important income-yielding ____________ in the rural society is a much-sought-after ______________.

a) phenomenon, property

b) tool, object

c) asset, commodity

d) genre, organism

e) priority, charisma

9. If coalitions are to work in _____________, the must act on the principle of ______________ and not of opposition.

a) tandem, partner

b) harmony, consensus

c) togetherness, anticipation

d) uniformity, ideology

e) dignity, balance

10. The great financial _____________ in 1929 _______________ international trade.

a) crunch, restricted

b) closure, evicted

c) imbalance, pierced

d) collapse, segregated

e) crash, ruined


1. b) flagrant, inexcusable

2. c) conspicuous, degradation

3. e) mandatory, territory

4. c) unveil, havoc

5. d) soar, gearing

6. c) eradication, mass

7. a) draining, bulk

8. c) asset, commodity

9. b) harmony, consensus

10. e) crash, ruined

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